Artist Tools

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Artist Tools
We get it! You want to get in the game. There is always this show, that gimmick, and you just want what you need to get you where you want to be, right? That's why our team sat down and came up with these services to help your career. We believe in K.I.S.S. and although simple, these are the ingredients you need.  
Think about it like this, whether your're striving to be the Queen Bey or Bruno Mars there is one thing that is evident you need Artist Tools.
You're not going to wake up and just slay on stage. That takes time, skill, and practice.
You need a fan base that knows you and your music. There is so much great talent out there, don't get lost in the sauce. Artist Tools can provide: -recording services to give you an industry sound
-professional photo shoots
-Industry Beats
-Social Media Marketing
and more.

Artists Tools

  • 4 Hours Rehearsal Time on stage
  • 1 Professional Photoshoot
  • 2 Hour Recording Session
  • Industry Beat
  • 1 Professional Photoshoot
  • 3 Hour Recording Session
  • Industry Beat
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 4 Hour Recording Session
  • Email Blast



Wright Flyer






  • 2 Photo Shoots
  • On Location
  • Up to 10 edits per shoot

Dream Shoots


  • Up to 5 Hours 
  • Up to 2 monthly events
  • Includes DJ
  • 100% Door

Party Starter


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